Kostoski Design - Magical & Unique handcrafted designs from art jewelry wire.
About Us

We have more than 10 years experience in making handcrafted wire jewelry.  Our mission and goal were always that every piece of our jewelry will become unique piece of art.  During these years we developed great knowledge about how to give amazing experience to each client while designing for them high quality handcrafted pieces of jewelry and making them happy and satisfied.  

At the beginning of our careers we were using simple silver art wire designing only names.  Each day we were learning new modern styles and designs and educating ourselves whenever we got chances.  And by now, we are on top of the high level of delivering unique and modern pieces of art to many clients worldwide, no matter if that is their name, monogram, picture frame, any kind of symbol, whatever your imagination can think about, in many different colors and designs, complex or just simple ones, we can do all of that just for you!  

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